It seems to be a very common thing for people with depression to be creative. Or maybe creativity breads depression. Whatever it is, it has often been said that many people are more creative when they are depressed. I’ve read accounts of people who have gone on antidepressants and hated them because they were no longer creative. This is not the case for me. I have clinical depression and a panic disorder. I waffle between being sad and lethargic and feeling afraid of everything. I am on medication and I am managing well (for the most part). But recently, I developed a tolerance to myRead More →

This post is not about vagina’s, sorry to disappoint! This post is about writer’s block, creativity blocks and what to do when your muse takes a vacation. These are tried and true tips that I use, try them out and see what works for you! Step away Self care is essential in my life and stepping away is part of that. If I sit down to work, to write or to paint and I’m just not feeling it…there’s not way it’s going to happen. And the more I push, the harder it will be and the more the work I produce will be sub par.Read More →