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Erotic Romance and Creative Fiction

Hello and welcome! I’m Sage L. Mattison, I write erotic romance and creative fiction. 

I love exploring the dynamics of various relationships and sexual kinks. I enjoy delving into the psychology of my characters to see what makes them tick, to examine how their romantic and sexual lives influence the everyday conflicts that arise.

I’m a published author, mother, entrepreneur and artist. I lives with her husband and son in Virginia. I enjoy spending days writing, homeschooling my son and playing video games.

There’s nothing better than chocolate peanut butter ice cream at the end of a long day. I loves crystals, coffee, and telling the truth.

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I could not put it down. The whole storyline is very believable and the problem for the couple is also very real.

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5 stars

I read it in one stretch, as the story captivated me and the book has a natural flow to it. “We need him” is much more than an erotic novel. Yes it delivers delicious content (no need to turn the heater on whilst reading it), but it also gives an insight into the mental state of lovers (almost) falling apart.

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5 stars

Very hot and exciting gets my imagination rolling.

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5 stars


Flashes of Ecstasy

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How Writing Erotica is a Practice of Self Love (not that kind)

One of the things that has helped me manage my depression and anxiety the most is paying attention and living by my values. I want to live my life for[…]

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Depression Kills My Creativity

It seems to be a very common thing for people with depression to be creative. Or maybe creativity breads depression. Whatever it is, it has often been said that many[…]

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