How To Get Your Juices Flowing

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How To Get Your Juices Flowing

How To Get Your Juices Flowing by Sage L Mattison

This post is not about vagina’s, sorry to disappoint!

This post is about writer’s block, creativity blocks and what to do when your muse takes a vacation.

These are tried and true tips that I use, try them out and see what works for you!

Step away

Self care is essential in my life and stepping away is part of that.

If I sit down to work, to write or to paint and I’m just not feeling it…there’s not way it’s going to happen. And the more I push, the harder it will be and the more the work I produce will be sub par. So I often just walk away. Take time for myself, binge on tv, read a book or take a nap.

Switch stories

Or paintings, or jewelry pieces or whatever it is that you are creating. While I’m currently writing We Need Him Part 3, I also am working on Sam’s story and Angie’s story so I have other places to hop to if I really need to.

Sometimes it’s more about being stuck what you are specifically doing, for example I have no idea where the hell Part 3 is going to go right now (and that’s okay) so I need to work on something else for a bit and get my writing mind working before I brainstorm and write more for Part 3.

Push through it

Because we all have shitty first drafts. Just start writing and edit it later.

Sometimes, I have a scene planned out in my head but for some reason I struggle to translate it to the page and I get writer’s block and stuck. So I just put the words down, I don’t worry as much about the descriptions as getting the general feel or general plot of the scene down and worry about improving it later.

My last tip is the best, most important and most likely to work (in my opinion).


Stuck on the big emotional scenes? Write some sex. Unsure how to finish your painting? Sketch a naked couple. Unsure about the plot of your next book? Put your characters into a steamy love scene.

If you write a sex scene and still aren’t sure where to go next in your book, write another sex scene. Or maybe just go have some real sex.


Share in the comments: Tell me your number 1 tip to get the juices flowing!

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