Dragon Dildos, Writing Tips, Lesbian Sex and More!

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Dragon Dildos, Writing Tips, Lesbian Sex and More!

Each month I post a monthly round up of sexy, smutty, sex and writing filled things I’ve found around the net!

:::I think this video about Lesbians Explaining Sex to Straight People is pretty funny and cool

:::“We were at that stage of testing each others’ mettle. Seeing what our strengths and weaknesses were, if our stated orientations were really true to our nature. Were our ‘labels’ sincere to the core or merely a hopeful cover?” This post from Cara Sutra is such a great look inside a d/s relationship and I find it fascinating.

:::In a former life, I was a professional photography so this erotic nude is captivating to me on so many levels. All of Renee Jacobs’ images are breathtaking, actually.

:::Because it’s too hilarious not to tell everyone, did you know you can get a dildo shaped like a realistic dragon penis? Or even a dragon muzzle (similar to a fleshlight) and you can pick up some lube that is similar to dragon cum. Check it all out at Bad Dragon. Yeah. I have no words either.

:::Some good tips from Lani Taylor about writing. My fave “Never sit staring at a blank page or screen. If you find yourself stuck, write. Write about the scene you’re trying to write. Writing about is easier than writing, and chances are, it will give you your way in.”

:::My Fave Books This Month:::

:::Becoming Sir by Ella Dominguez I always love seeing the “training” of doms and subs. I got a little frustrated with Sawyer and how long it took him to decide who he was in love with but was pleased in the end!

:::Bonds of Courage by Lynda Aicher Book 6 in this series and one of my favorites series I’ve read to date. I don’t usually read FemDom stories but this was fantastic and inspired me for an upcoming piece in the Missing Pieces series!

:::Pieces by Janine Infante Bosco This is more of a romance than erotica and is also filled with some intense emotions! I’m on the second book now and tears tears tears!

:::Not Your Damn Submissive by Amy Valenti and Not Your Damn Dom by Amy Valenti I love extra depth to my characters and the characters in these two had some hard shit to work through but it really made the story. I loved them both but Not Your Damn Dom was my fave!


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