One of the things that has helped me manage my depression and anxiety the most is paying attention and living by my values. I want to live my life for FUN and JOY and not have a job that sucks the soul from my days. I want my life to be something I love and something that honors what I need. Some of that is needing extra lounging time on bad days, some of that is needing to be able to say fuck the dishes and play with my son instead. Last year, following my values was becoming a self published erotica writer. It wasRead More →

Because I have time to do something new and epic (insert sarcastic font here), I decided to start an all new resource for readers and writers of erotica and romance! eLit For Lovers is a free resource for the newest hot erotica and passionate romantic e-books! Each newsletter is full of all kinds of e-books from new and upcoming authors! We feature free e-books as well as discounted books and even full priced books. I decided to create eLit For Lovers because as a self published writer, trying to get myname out there, I noticed a lack of sites that featured not only free andRead More →

What am I working on at the moment? I feel like, these days, I’m always writing. Between blog posts, content for my business, short stories, books and everything in between. Write write write write. And then edit. Oh and write some more in my head because that’s what I do when I can’t get to the computer. The official, what I’m working on list is a a bit long! Ready? Currently editing: We Need Him Part 2 Currently writing: We Need Him Part 3 (only 2 small scenes left) We Need Him Part 4 Winter/Christmas Short about Jake, Jamie and Brett Sam’s Story (no titleRead More →