One of the things that has helped me manage my depression and anxiety the most is paying attention and living by my values. I want to live my life for FUN and JOY and not have a job that sucks the soul from my days. I want my life to be something I love and something that honors what I need. Some of that is needing extra lounging time on bad days, some of that is needing to be able to say fuck the dishes and play with my son instead. Last year, following my values was becoming a self published erotica writer. It wasRead More →

There was a part of her more eager for her own touch than that of any man. She knew the minuscule bumps on her nipples that sent goosebumps down her spine. She knew that her thighs needed rough pinches and nails while the lips between them needed feathers and wisps of air. She spread her naked form, ready and panting, gasping and bucking for the touch of her own fingers, her nails, her palm against her milky white skin. Eyes lidded, watching as she caressed and pinched the peaks on her breasts. Gazing with desire as they skimmed her rounded belly, dipping along her wideRead More →

It’s Masturbation Monday today! I thought I would share a short little vignette I wrote that features some self lovin’. Hope you enjoy. A Beach Encounter   That summer was the first time Janie had been to a nude beach in Europe. Hell it was her first time in Europe! Her parents had gifted a trip with her two best friends for a month just before they all started college. They had been there a few weeks already and Janie was in love with it all. The sights and smells, the languages and old style buildings. Janie and her two best friends had arrived inRead More →