Recently, I was looking for some ideas for the Valentine’s Day short I’m working on and I decided to ask in a writing group I’m part of. The lovely ladies said I could use their answers in a blog post and I wanted to round up some of the ideas. Below are 14 stories and ideas from real women about the most romantic thing they have done or a partner has done for them. Some fabulous ideas and unique ways to woo your partner (or main character)! I was having a particularly challenging week at work, late hours, stress. Boyfriend let himself into my house,Read More →

For many years, I wrote poetry more than I wrote fiction. It was an easier way to express myself, but I often wrote prose heavy poetry. There were characters and a story, emotions and a plot. I wanted to share an erotic poem I wrote recently, just for fun. We Become One Your fingers graze my skin and I am aflame with passion and anxiety. Touch me, love me, control me now please so I don’t have to feel. We tangle in the dark, our bare thighs touching, my mind slowly relaxes then let’s go. My nails dig in, your kisses make me drunk withRead More →