I’ve always wanted to do NaNoWriMo. It’s always felt like some right of passage as a writer, ya know? But for various reasons (health, pregnancy, school), I just haven’t ever made the time to do it before now. So why did I finally decide to just go for it? Because I’m writing anyways. Maybe that’s a cop out but that’s the truth. I know there are a lot of criticisms against NaNoWriMo and wanting (amateur) writers to know that, just because you wrote 50,000 words doesn’t mean it’s finished or that it’s ready to be sent to an agent. I get that. I embrace thatRead More →

It’s Masturbation Monday today! I thought I would share a short little vignette I wrote that features some self lovin’. Hope you enjoy. A Beach Encounter   That summer was the first time Janie had been to a nude beach in Europe. Hell it was her first time in Europe! Her parents had gifted a trip with her two best friends for a month just before they all started college. They had been there a few weeks already and Janie was in love with it all. The sights and smells, the languages and old style buildings. Janie and her two best friends had arrived inRead More →

What am I working on at the moment? I feel like, these days, I’m always writing. Between blog posts, content for my business, short stories, books and everything in between. Write write write write. And then edit. Oh and write some more in my head because that’s what I do when I can’t get to the computer. The official, what I’m working on list is a a bit long! Ready? Currently editing: We Need Him Part 2 Currently writing: We Need Him Part 3 (only 2 small scenes left) We Need Him Part 4 Winter/Christmas Short about Jake, Jamie and Brett Sam’s Story (no titleRead More →