Flashes of Ecstasy Sweat slicked skin against rough calloused fingers. A throaty moan, full lips parted. Heat blossoms. A pinch here, a tug there and never-ending swirls below. Every inch licked and nibbled burns in memory. Thoughts scatter, two bodies collide. Legs shake, blood rushes and a gasp gives way to a groan. The sound of a deep inhale, weight of a form covering a soul.Read More →

I loved the prompt this week for Wicked Wednesday and decided to play along with the meme. Prompt: Write a post that follows the sentiments of this song. Here are two verses that I loved the most and really inspired this short story: I know what it feels like Swimming through the stars when I see her And I don’t need air cause I breathe her … When I’m lost And need a sign She leads the way And I’ll be fine A Love Story in 6 Letters To my beautiful Kristen, My hand is shaking as I write this, you can probably tell. IRead More →

Happy New Year! I had no idea what to post this week so went on a search of a few meme’s I knew for sex bloggers and writers and once I read the prompt for WickedWednesday, I instantly had an idea for a scene! The prompt is: office affairs. My tale is probably a bit different that what you would think of for an office affair but it was a lot of fun to write! Hope you enjoy this scene as much as I enjoyed writing it. THE ASSISTANT AND THE CONTORTIONIST Jade took a few deep breaths while she sat in her car outsideRead More →