Each month I post a monthly round up of sexy, smutty, sex and writing filled things I’ve found around the net! :::I think this video about Lesbians Explaining Sex to Straight People is pretty funny and cool :::“We were at that stage of testing each others’ mettle. Seeing what our strengths and weaknesses were, if our stated orientations were really true to our nature. Were our ‘labels’ sincere to the core or merely a hopeful cover?” This post from Cara Sutra is such a great look inside a d/s relationship and I find it fascinating. :::In a former life, I was a professional photography soRead More →

For many years, I wrote poetry more than I wrote fiction. It was an easier way to express myself, but I often wrote prose heavy poetry. There were characters and a story, emotions and a plot. I wanted to share an erotic poem I wrote recently, just for fun. We Become One Your fingers graze my skin and I am aflame with passion and anxiety. Touch me, love me, control me now please so I don’t have to feel. We tangle in the dark, our bare thighs touching, my mind slowly relaxes then let’s go. My nails dig in, your kisses make me drunk withRead More →

A serial novel is basically a set of short novellas that follow a story line. Think like a graphic novel but fiction. Think a TV season but fiction. The length of each story can vary but for my series We Need Him, I’m aiming for 11,000 to 14,000 words per story (or “part”). I’ll admit, as a reader, I am not always a fan of short stories. But that’s mainly because I like to get lost in my characters and the story. Sometimes, I think regular novels are too short because it ends and then the characters and gone and what am I going toRead More →