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Author of Erotica and Creative Fiction

Dragon Dildos, Writing Tips, Lesbian Sex and More!

Each month I post a monthly round up of sexy, smutty, sex and writing filled things I’ve found around the net! :::I think this video about Lesbians Explaining Sex to Straight People is pretty funny and cool :::“We were at that stage of testing each others’ mettle. Seeing what our strengths and weaknesses were, if…
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We Become One – Erotic Poetry

For many years, I wrote poetry more than I wrote fiction. It was an easier way to express myself, but I often wrote prose heavy poetry. There were characters and a story, emotions and a plot. I wanted to share an erotic poem I wrote recently, just for fun. We Become One Your fingers graze…
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What Is a Serial Novel and Why I Am Writing One

A serial novel is basically a set of short novellas that follow a story line. Think like a graphic novel but fiction. Think a TV season but fiction. The length of each story can vary but for my series We Need Him, I’m aiming for 11,000 to 14,000 words per story (or “part”). I’ll admit,…
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