Jamie’s Pleasurable Dinner : Teaser Tuesday for We Need Him Part 4 Now AVAILABLE!

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Jamie’s Pleasurable Dinner : Teaser Tuesday for We Need Him Part 4 Now AVAILABLE!

It’s release day!!! We Need Him Part 4 is finally finally ready for you to consume and I couldn’t be happier!

I’ll post more soon about why it’s taken so long but for now, enjoy a sexy teaser. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers.


Jamie shifted in her seat, trying to both push his fingers closer, while desperately wanting them gone. Brett set down his glass and reached down, hitching her leg up and over his strong thigh, her calf brushing against the hardness in his pants. She was eternally thankful that this restaurant had a combination of dim lighting, well spread out tables and very long table cloths.
“That sounds good.” Jamie asked, bringing her trembling hand to her own wine glass.

“I shouldn’t be home too late, I just have a lot of boring paper work most of the week.” He watched her drink, his gaze more heated than his words revealed. Jamie took a larger gulp of wine than she normally would have before setting it down again. Brett pulled his finger back from her pussy and suddenly plunged two in together, continuing to slowly pump them in and out.

Jamie had been on the verge of an orgasm since the night before, she wanted to scream with frustration and beg him to take her, to fuck her and let her come but they were in a public place and Jamie didn’t know how to behave. Is he teasing me? Is he planning to let me come? She questioned herself, her hands wrapped tight around the edge of the table.

Jamie bit her lower lip to keep herself grounded, holding her moans inside as he thrust in and out with his fingers, his thumb still circling her clit. She was on fire, she could feel the heat in her cheeks and knew they were bright red with need and embarrassment.

“Would you like any dessert, sir?” The damned waiter was back, his attention focused on Brett even as his eyes darted to Jamie. She shifted again, trying to sit up straighter but Brett held her leg in place over his thigh, trapping her.

“Your best piece of cheesecake would be delightful. Thank you.” Brett answered. After the waiter left, Brett tucked his face against her neck, inhaling deeply. “I can smell your arousal and I can practically taste you on my tongue. I want to pick you up and pin you down on this table. Fuck you until you can’t walk.” His voice was hoarse now as he whispered in her ear. Jamie moaned softly, shuddering at the images that flooded her brain. Brett kissed her neck and nibbled gently just below her ear, in the spot that drove her wild.

He picked up the pace with his thrusting fingers, pressing harder with his thumb, quickly flicking at her clit as he sat back up. Their cheesecake arrived with two forks and Brett took them both as the waiter cleared their old plates.

Brett cut a small slice of cake and held it up, “Open.” He ordered and Jamie opened her mouth, darting her tongue out to her lower lip as he brought the fork gently to her and fed her the cake.
Her eyes closed in pleasure as the taste exploded on her tongue, “This is the best cheesecake I’ve ever had.” Her eyes opened and Brett grinned down at her as he ate a bite.

“That it is, love.” He fed her two more bites before leaning close again. “You are going to come for me now and you are not to make any noise. I’m really not in the mood for a punishment, love, so do me proud.” He brought her chin around and kissed her fiercely on the lips, a glint in his eyes when he pulled back.

Jamie’s legs trembled, her pussy clenching against his fingers, ready to explode. She wasn’t sure she could hold out but as she gazed up into Brett’s bright blue eyes, she saw pride and hunger. He wanted her to do it, he believed she could do it. Determined to make him proud of her, she focused solely on him and the sensations his gave her.

Brett brought another piece of cheesecake to her lips and just as the fork exited her mouth, he plunged a third finger into her core, pounding into her now. Over the din of the restaurant, she could just barely hear the slickness of her pussy as his fingers fucked her. She was so ready and so wet, thighs soaked with the evidence. Brett swirled her clit and before she could finish chewing he said, “Now.”

Jamie drew in a deep breath as she felt the first convulsions take over her pussy. She trembled hard, digging her fingers into Brett’s arm as her hips gently canted toward him, encouraging his ministrations. “Oh fuck,” She whispered, biting down on her lip as she swallowed the cheesecake and let the bliss fully wash over her. The noises of the other patrons dimmed, her world centered on her body, on the fingers fucking her, the thumb stroking her. She honed in on the contractions of her womb, riding out the storm, holding her breath to keep from crying out.

Brett’s strokes slowed as the waves of passion petered out. Her pussy stopped contracting and trembling. Jamie let out a sigh as Brett slowly pulled his fingers from her body.

“That was beautiful.” Brett’s voice was husky now, and as she looked into his eyes, his pupils were large with desire. Brett wiped his hand on a napkin before pulling out a wad of cash and throwing it on the table.

“I am very proud of you, Jamie.” He kissed her gently. “But it’s time to go now.” Jamie giggled and let him lead her from the restaurant.

We Need Him Part 4 by Sage L Mattisonbuy we need him pt on smashwordsthe perfect presents by sage l mattisonFor a brief time, Jamie was blissfully happy. She had two men who loved and doted on her. But when another family tragedy strikes, her heartache might be too painful to fix.

While Jake explores his submissive side more deeply, Brett teeters on the edge of anger and concern, feeling betrayed.

Can this threesome find the peace they all desperately need? In We Need Him Part 4, Jake, Jamie, and Brett will be pushed to the limits of love and pain. In the end, can they learn to fix the turmoil in their lives or will they find themselves falling apart…for good?

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