Why I Wouldn’t Trade The Time My Husband and I Were In a Long Distance Relationship

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Why I Wouldn’t Trade The Time My Husband and I Were In a Long Distance Relationship


I feel like there’s this stigma out there that Long Distance Relationships (or LDRs) are destined to fail no. matter. what. That’s bullshit, honestly.

They are not easy but that doesn’t mean they will all fail because of it. Normal relationships take work (yes, even if you’re in love, you still have to work at a relationship) and LDR’s take even more work. It’s not for everyone and yes, some will fall apart.

But I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.

My husband and I were long distance for the first 6.5 years of our relationship. 500+ miles apart and almost no money, we saw each other 1 or 2 a year.

It fucking sucked.

But as much as it sucked, I still wouldn’t trade it. (That doesn’t mean I would go back to it now. Fuck no, never again!)

All we had for those years were the words on a screen and our voices over a connection spanning 4+ states. It was lonely and frustrating. It was sad and we argued a lot.

But I still would’t trade it.

Our relationship is based so much on communication that once we finally moved in together, we almost never fight anymore. We know so much about the other person, we understand them and we have built up our lives together based on communicating and talking about every single thing, trivial or not.

We shared our passions, our fears, our dreams and our nightmares over the phone line. We cried together and laughed together and held the stuffed animals we exchanged when we missed the physical touch of the other.

This was a time before smartphones and face time. All we had was flip phones and occasional internet. We texted all day and talked for 3 or 4 hours at night. We fell asleep together with our phones on.

It was hell. But it brought us closer. (Not to brag) We are one of the stronger couples I know. (Maybe I’m bragging a little).

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? How did you make it work? Do you think it was good or bad for your relationship?

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