My Best Writing Space Is Behind The Wheel

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My Best Writing Space Is Behind The Wheel


I don’t get a lot of time to write these days. Or rather, I don’t make a lot of time to write. My life is busy but I’m still trying. I am currently editing We Need Him Part 4 and Sam’s First Story (unnamed).

Most people talk about how they think best or write best in the shower. I don’t. Probably because 90% of my showers happen with a toddler in the room still so he doesn’t get in trouble. The others are rushed, in and out because I have other things to do or places to go.

So where do I come up with scenes and stories? Most often, when I’m driving. Specifically when I’m alone. When I’m driving with the kiddo, he’s constantly asking questions or screaming about something.

When I’m alone in the car, it’s the one time I have that I am completely alone and completely unplugged.

I’m not the type to try to use my phone at stoplights and when I’m home or even out, I always have my phone on me or the tv on or something happening. But in the car, it’s just me, the music, the road and the words in my head.

I write scenes over and over again, living with my characters and seeing what changes each time (or what doesn’t). I go over and over in my head where a scene would best fit or how Brett would respond to Jamie being bratty on a certain day.

I write them over and over again, to remember but also to observe from all angles. It usually starts like a movie in my head and eventually advances to the actual words I could write. I start with watching Jake, Jamie and Brett in a scene and then days (or even weeks) later, I have written these words in my head so I know what I’ll type when I get back to it…

“You are so beautiful, and I am so lucky.” He kissed along her jawline, nipping gently as he slowly pulled his hips back.
“Why do you say that?” Jamie replied, her voice was breathy and so bloody sexy he almost lost it just from hearing her talk.
“Because you are mine.” Brett replied, sucking at the spot just below her ear at the same time he surged forward, seating himself fully inside her warm and wet core.
(teaser from We Need Him Part 4, coming soon)

I drive and it’s meditative, I’m focused and so completely alone with my own thoughts that what comes out naturally is the words, the characters and the scenes.

Now if only I was able to get out of the house alone more.

Tell me, where do you write best?

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