Craig and Erica on Écririons

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Craig and Erica on Écririons

Craig and Erica on Écririons

Some big news happening over here! I recently co-founded a new site for authors and readers called Écririons. Here’s what we’re about: Écririons helps writers and indie authors connect more actively with their readers. We help them build their brand, reach more readers and, in turn make more money!

So far, we have a bunch of Core Writers, sharing short stories, poems, serial work as well as author branding help! I’ve been writing a short serial each week which has been fun because I am completely writing on the fly! I have no idea where I want this story to go. I show up each week and write what comes out with no plans. Fun!

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Below are the first three parts to Craig and Erica’s story.

The Morning After

Coming back from the bathroom that morning, Craig was stopped in the doorway at the sight of Erica in his bed. Her perfectly rounded bottom was bare, the blanket had slipped down to her knees in the night. Her dark hair was tousled around her head and light snores came from her. Craig palmed his shaft as he watched his girl sleep, her body languid and relaxed now but he was sure she would be sore when she awoke.

They had been apart for almost a year, his deployment had been hell for them both but their reunion was something he would never forget. Evidence of their lovemaking lay scattered around the room. Her dress was a pile at his feet by the door, his pants a lump at the bottom of the bed. A cheap bottle of wine lay discarded by their dresser. The remnants of the night on the nightstand and his memories gave Craig’s shaft a reason to thicken in his hand.

Next to Erica’s sleeping form, a glass dildo, her heels and his favorite panties were piled on her side of the bed. Visions of her coming, her head thrown back in pure bliss while he fucked her with the toy and suckled on her nipples made him rise to full hardness in seconds. A groan slipped from his lips and Erica shifted on the bed. Craig almost couldn’t believe he wanted more already, they had been up until almost 5 am enjoying each other’s bodies. But as his girl stretched and moaned as she awoke, Craig took a few steps forward, ready for more of her.

He bent down to place kisses on her neck, down her spine and across the top of her luscious bottom. “Good morning, baby girl.” His voice was thick with lust as he grasped her hips and flipped her over smoothly.

“Mmm.” Erica replied, a smile gracing her face as she gazed upon him, her eyes still half closed. Craig knelt between her legs, running one hand up her side to palm her breast while the other moved down to caress her already wet lips.

“God, I missed you.” Craig whispered, leaning down to capture her lips in an all consuming kiss. There was little better than being skin to skin, mouth to mouth with her. Craig couldn’t get enough, never wanted to leave her side again. He aligned himself with her body and as he sunk into her warm depths, made himself a promise to do everything in his power to stay home this time.

Making a Deal

“I think we need to go to the store,” Erica commented as she bent over to peer into the fridge. Craig looked over at her from his spot on the couch, appreciating the view as her panties rode up her bottom. They had been home for three days, not leaving for anything and alternated between the bed, the couch and the shower.

“Did you hear me?” Erica asked with an amused grin as she turned around, her bare breasts bouncing with the motion.

“Hmm?” Craig raised an eyebrow, gazing at his girl, only vaguely aware of what she was saying. Now that he was home, he almost couldn’t remember how he possibly made it an entire year away from her. The freckles that dotted her chest, the strength in her thighs from rock climbing, the way she narrowed her eyes at him when he wasn’t listening were essentials parts of his life. How could I possible leave again? He pondered as Erica sauntered over and straddled him.

“Earth to Craig,” She joked, nibbling on his jaw. He hadn’t shaved in a days, his stubble filing in and scraping against her lips.

“What’s up, baby girl?” His arms wrapped around her slender waist, hauling her body flush with his.

“I think we need to get dressed.”

“No way.”

“There’s no food,” Erica giggled, squirming out of his grasp. “Come on,” She grabbed his hand and helped him to his feet, ignoring the tenting in his boxers as she led him to their room for clothes.

“This is no fun.” Craig complained as she pulled on jeans and a shirt before taking a place on their rumpled bed to watch Erica pull on her own clothes, covering her perfect skin. She rolled her eyes at him as she buttoned her jeans in place.

“We need to have food here if you plan to keep me captive the rest of the week.”

“Where else do we have to go but back to bed?” He grinned, grabbing her by the hips and nuzzling his face against her chest. Craig inhaled her scent, strawberries and soap. He missed that smell when he was gone, how he craved to just get a whiff of it the whole year.

“Well, I do have to go back to work next week but until then and after we get some groceries, you’re free to handcuff me to the bed.” Erica obliged as she pulled on her flip flops and tugged her brown locks up into a pony tail.

“Ooh, I like that idea.” Craig kissed her neck as they exited the bedroom.

“Then it’s a deal. Food then cuffs.” Erica held out her hand for a shake, her mouth a wide grin as she gazed at him. Craig chuckled, grabbing her hand and then pulling her until she tumbled off balance to land against his chest. His heart pounded with love, aching with the news he didn’t want to give her.

“Deal.” He said, sealing it with a kiss.

Craig’s Decision

Craig gazed at the picture of Erica on his phone he had snapped the night before. They had been on the couch, sharing ice cream and watching The Late Show. Erica wore one of his navy colored Marine shirts, the neck hole large and hanging off one shoulder. Her brown hair was tousled in a just-fucked look (because she was). Her head was thrown back, her neck exposed as she laughed at something he had said. Craig had snapped the shot fast and it was instantly his favorite, he set it as his phone’s wallpaper despite Erica’s protests.

Now, as he sat in his truck outside the office of his Colonel, he gazed at the shot. His heart clenched with love and fear, his dick lengthening of it’s own accord at the sight of his girl.

A rapping on his window brought Craig out of his reverie and he startled, turning to look at his buddy, Mike through the glass. With a heavy sigh, Craig climbed out of his truck, tucking his phone away and running a hand through his still too short for any movement hair.

“How’s the girl?” Mike asked as he led the way to the office.

“Erica is fantastic. How are all your girls?” Craig replied smugly, teasing his friend.

“Different one every night.” Mike joked as he wiggled his eyebrows and Craig chuckled in reply, shaking his head.

As they nodded to the secretary and passed by her, taking the long hallway to the back office, Mike turned more serious. “So, have you made a decision?”

“Yes.” Craig said with confidence and didn’t explain despite Mike’s inquisitive gaze. Mike knocked twice on the Colonel’s door and strode in without waiting.

“Gentlemen, have a seat.” The dark man behind the desk gestured them to to sit in the two hard wood chairs before him. Colonel Bays had become a father figure to most of their unit. He was tough as shit when he needed to be, but wasn’t against sitting and having a drink and unwinding when they needed that as well. Mike and Craig were the top ranking officers just below Colonel Bays in their unit. Craig had been in charge of the medical staff as a doctor and Mike had been in charge of the new grunts.

“Thanks for coming in today, I know you’re both enjoying some time off in the civilian world.” Colonel Bays started, coming to lean against the front of his desk. He glanced between the two before settling his dark gaze on Craig as he spoke, “You both know why you’re here. You two are the best Lieutenant Colonel’s I’ve ever had and I want you back. I need you both on my team, you’re the best at what you do, at staying organized and keeping the boys in line. Have you made your decision?”

“I’m in.” Mike said with a shrug and surety that made Craig’s gut tighten.

Mike and Colonel Bays both turned to look at Craig and he sighed, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees.

“How long is the deployment?”

“If you sign back on, it’ll be for 4 years and you’ll see about 2 years of deployment in that time.” The Colonel answered.

“Come on man, we need you to make the team work.” Mike pressured him to answer.

Craig groaned, rubbing his head again as he muttered to himself, “Erica is going to fucking kill me.” He sat back up and looked Colonel Bays in the eyes, “I’m in.”

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