Why I’m Taking Part in NaNoWriMo and What I Hope To Get Out of It

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Why I’m Taking Part in NaNoWriMo and What I Hope To Get Out of It


I’ve always wanted to do NaNoWriMo. It’s always felt like some right of passage as a writer, ya know? But for various reasons (health, pregnancy, school), I just haven’t ever made the time to do it before now.

So why did I finally decide to just go for it?

Because I’m writing anyways. Maybe that’s a cop out but that’s the truth.

I know there are a lot of criticisms against NaNoWriMo and wanting (amateur) writers to know that, just because you wrote 50,000 words doesn’t mean it’s finished or that it’s ready to be sent to an agent. I get that. I embrace that and wholeheartedly agree.

But I decided to sign up because I have deadlines anyways. I’m writing anyways. And I thought taking part in the official challenge would give me a way to connect with more writers (hello!) as well as help keep me on track.

You see, writing isn’t my main business. I am a stay at home mom and I also have another business I run. Writing is awesome and I’m so thrilled to have it in my life again but it’s not what I’m able to focus all of my energy on (can any of us?). So having somewhere to track, having somewhere that keeps me in line with my number goals and such is awesome.

I don’t anticipate “winning” (ie finishing 50,000 word). I think it would be awesome if I do. But I’m also editing, re-writing, formatting and promoting other books and new releases at the same time. I’m writing this post on November 7th and I currently have just over 8,000 words done and I’m happy with that.

A tip to those writer’s and newbie’s to NaNoWriMo: Don’t get too bogged down in the numbers game. Be happy if and when you achieve just a few hundred words a day because it’s better than nothing!


PS: Feel free to add me as a writing buddy: NaNoWriMo Profile

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