Orgasms, Pole Dancing and Period Sex!

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Orgasms, Pole Dancing and Period Sex!

A monthly(ish) round up of sexy, smutty, sex and writing filled things I’ve found around the net!

what does an orgasm look like

:::What does an orgasm look like? I love this idea and this contest! I missed out on entering but I think I might paint my own just for fun.

:::Oh hey, remember last month I shared the dragon dildos? Well Oh Joy Sex Toy reviewed one!

:::I suffer with depression and anxiety and reading this account of how sex feels after coming off medication is fascinating!

:::I tried pole dancing once, it was awesome and some day I’ll do it again. Until then, check out this ABC of Pole.

:::For the writers, 5 Scary Grammar Rules.

:::A personal story from an asexual. “I remain unconvinced that sex is as much fun as it’s being billed as; I am unpersuaded about the power of both physiological and emotional feelings of arousal.”

:::Do you have sex on your period? Ev’Yan says you should.

:::I always thought Sex in the City was entertaining, but do you think Carrie Bradshaw knows about good sex? I’m going to say probably not, while sex was obviously a major theme, it wasn’t always positive.

:::I’m guilty of using some of these words that shouldn’t be in erotica. Like “Moisture” as well as “porn speak”. And I’m okay with that.

:::An interview about how self publishing has changed in the last 2 years. “How has the public perception of self-publishing changed, and are we past the ‘stigma’ label? I’m skeptical about how much that stigma ever existed among the people that really count: readers.”

:::My Fave Books This Month:::

:::One to Hold and One to Protect by Tia Louise. Super hot sex scenes but also a great plot line! Loved how strong the female character is even after she meets a tough guy who will do literally anything to protect her.

:::Tripped Up Love by Julie Farley is sexy and more of a romance with a happy ever after (HEA). I really enjoyed it, the characters go through some tough things and there are a lot of different emotions explored which I love.

You can check out other books I’ve read on my goodreads page.

:::You Might Have Missed This:::

:::Last month I set up a tumblr page! I post sexy, erotic, romantic and very nsfw images of all sorts (female, male, couples, lesbian, gay, bdsm) and update several times a day. Would love for you to check it out!

:::Why I’m Taking Part In NaNoWriMo

:::Have you gotten your free copy of Moments of Pleasure yet?!


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