A Beach Encounter #MasturbationMonday

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A Beach Encounter #MasturbationMonday

A Beach Encounter #MasturbationMonday from Sage L Mattison

It’s Masturbation Monday today! I thought I would share a short little vignette I wrote that features some self lovin’. Hope you enjoy.

A Beach Encounter


That summer was the first time Janie had been to a nude beach in Europe. Hell it was her first time in Europe! Her parents had gifted a trip with her two best friends for a month just before they all started college. They had been there a few weeks already and Janie was in love with it all. The sights and smells, the languages and old style buildings.

Janie and her two best friends had arrived in Greece the day before and when her friends decided to go check out the markets, Janie decided now was the time. She was going skinny dipping for the first time in her life. Janie had grown up as an ugly duckling, she had worn braces and glasses until just last year. Janie was smart, and never dressed sexy so was often seen as the nerdy girl. But her womanly body had finally sprouted. Only in the last few months had Janie grown breasts, filling out to a full D cup, her legs lengthened and she got her braces out and convinced her mom to get her contacts. The European men flirted with her, a lot. But she wasn’t used to it and hadn’t had any one night stands, unlike her friends.

It was almost sunset as she made her way across the warm sand. She had picked a smaller beach, in hopes there would be less people. There were still a few big groups here and there but after rounding a small corner, Janie found herself behind a cropping of rocks that covered her nicely from view. Her stomach was filled with butterflies, her heart racing as she set down her bag and towel. Was she really going to do this? Get naked in public? Janie took a deep breath and reminded herself that now was the time to go crazy, to have fun and let go a little. School was starting soon and she would want to focus on her studies then.

With new resolve and a slightly slower heart rate, Janie pulled off her long skirt and black bikini bottoms followed by her tank top and bikini top. She shivered as a breeze blew past, making her nipples rise to attention.

“It’s now or never, Janie, you can do this.” She whispered to herself and then ran the short distance to the edge of the Mediterranean and dove in. Janie laughed as she surfaced, pushing her hair out of her face and turning toward the sun. She felt alive, she felt like she was on fire as the warmth of the golden sun caressed her face, brushing against her wet breasts. Janie could feel a tingling in her pussy at the thrill of her adventure and she squeezed her thighs together, letting herself rock with the waves.

Janie heard voices just beyond the rocks, she tilted her head to see a group of guys, probably in their twenties playing around and getting ready to dive into the water. Her stomach rolled again but with excitement instead of nerves this time. She sunk down into the water until just the tops of her breasts were showing and let her hands wander down to her thighs. She felt so free, she didn’t care if they saw her, but she vowed to still be quiet.

She kept herself facing the sun, her feet braced against the bottom of the water so she didn’t float away as she spread her legs, her fingers dipping against her warm pussy. Janie bit on her plump lip, licking the salty water away. The erotic nature of what she was doing made her so close to her orgasm, but she held off, lightly teasing her pussy with her finger tips. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted the group of men shucking their own trunks to dive into the water.

“Oh!” Janie gasped to herself, many of them had semi hard penises as they joked around and swam back and forth. The four men were only twenty yards away from her and she knew they saw her. They glanced at her once and a while, flashing friendly smiles but she ignored them, hoping they wouldn’t approach her for a chat. Despite her nerves, their presence only spurred her on. Janie dipped two fingers inside her pussy, making her buddy shudder with pleasure as her other hand moved to circle her clit.

The waves pushed her back and forth, gently rocking, aiding in her pleasure. Janie glanced at the men again, their bodies were wet, several of them stood in the water, their thick cocks bobbing in front of them as they chased each other and threw a ball around in the shallow end. Janie’s head tilted back, her nipples peaking out of the water as she moaned quietly.

Her fingers angled and brushed against the sweet spot inside her, pulling a loud gasp from her lips. She could feel their eyes on her, hungry and curious. Janie rocked against her fingers, swirling around her clit and suddenly the waves rocked her back and forth with more force and sent her over the edge into oblivion.

“Oh oh oh!” She gasped and arched her back, thrusting her breasts fully out of the water as she came with a loud moan. Her muscles clenched, her pussy walls contracting as she panted through her orgasm. “Fuck,” she whispered as she came back to reality.

Janie licked her lips and slowly pulled her fingers from inside herself. A glance at the group of guys showed they were all watching her and they were all hard as rocks, now. Janie giggled to herself as she climbed out of the water. She quickly threw on her skirt and top, not wasting time drying off, before waving at the boys and wandering down the beach in the opposite direction.

That was such a good idea, Janie thought. She couldn’t wait to do it again.


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  1. What fun for Janie. All I got from my first Mediterranean nude beach adventure was sunburn in really unfortunate places. :-)

  2. Cara Thereon says:

    I wish I was so brave! That would be exhilarating

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